The Different Wedding Cake Traditions Around the World

Wedding CakesIn the United States, wedding cakes are the standard dessert served at numerous weddings and receptions. Comprised of multi-layered cakes covered in cream frosting, wedding cakes are definitely the majority for a lot of couples; however, outside the United States, there numerous additional choices for desserts. As couples look for more ways making every element of the wedding celebration meaningful, a few are checking out their families’ traditions and countries to locate a wedding cake that is from another world.

In Great Britain, for example, wedding guests are viewed to an elaborate fruitcake. The cake is loaded with products like dates, raisins, plus prunes and soaked with cognac or perhaps brandy. Next, it’s included with marzipan, iced and decorated. On the outside, a standard British cake won’t search unlike a wedding cake from the United States, though it’s an entirely different flavor.

The standard cake from the Caribbean isles is, in addition, a fruitcake. Often soaked with wine or maybe rum and stuffed with dried fruit, the cakes from these unusual destinations are kept hidden at the reception. A white tablecloth is laid over the cake; visitors, then, make the happy couple cash to purchase an opportunity being a look at the cake. Perhaps a family that is not in attendance at the party get to talk about in this particular dessert as parts of the cake are mailed to friends along with family members.

Japanese wedding cakes, on another hand, are really an elaborate show as opposed to a treat. Since multi-layered cakes are extremely costly for lots of Japanese families to buy, large plastic or maybe wax cakes are made just before the wedding reception. These “faux” cakes position in for a conventional cake during the bride and groom’s cake cutting ceremony. They also include a specific slot just for the lucky couple to pretend to slice into whenever the “cut” the cake. More inexpensive sheet cakes are kept from sight for cutting and helping towards the visitors.

Regular wedding cakes from Iceland talk about the similar layered condition of the wedding cakes in the United States, though their look is incredibly different. Kransekake and ring cake consists of a number of ring-shaped cakes stacked atop each other. These almond flavored rings tend to be decorated with marzipan. The hollow center of the stack might be filled with candies, chocolates, and on occasion even a bottle of wine.

Lastly, some wedding cakes are not cakes at all. In the Ukraine area of the planet, marriages are celebrated with bread as a desert referred to as Korovai. This conventional bread, decorated with symbols that represent the joining together of 2 households, is regarded as a sacred with the Ukrainian ceremony.

Whatever culture type there’s in a family’s history, the determination to honor that lifestyle is able to include a good deal of meaning to a party celebration. Grooms and brides that choose a regular cake from their family’s way of life pay homage to their pasts while the get checked out to venture on their futures. Planning your wedding ahead of time? Visit to find the right wedding cake baker for you.

The Different Wedding Cake Traditions Around the World