How to Choose the Best Reclaimed Timber


Reclaimed wood may be the best building material for the future project you are going to work on. It’s eco-friendly, strong, and adaptable. Recycled wood might give you an excellent rustic look, or maybe it might be milled once again to get a brand new finish. And it is able to also save you a substantial level of money. The following are several techniques to find, select, then make use of recycled timber: 

  1. Get the reclaimed wood directly from its source.

    Usually, you are able to get recycled wood at a really low price. Start by going to a demolition site. You may be permitted to look around and select parts of wood you would like, and in case you get way too fortunate, you could easily get them free of charge! Occasionally, demolition businesses have arrangements to market reclaimed wood in large quantities at a cheap price tag. Therefore they are normally prepared to make the timber for you in case you haul it yourself. You may also want to check Big Timberworks’ Reclaimed Timber, they are a trusted supplier of reclaimed woods in Montana.

  2. Ask the dealer around the story of the wood.

    Question where the reused timber arrived from, what its grading is, how it has been saved, along with various other thoughts about the wood’s background. The information you get will enable you to decide whether the wood is appropriate for a particular project or not. When you discover that the reclaimed wood originated from an iconic building or maybe a historic warehouse, you are adding an excellent level of character on the project you will be working hard on and even boost its value.

  3. Check if you can find some other metal parts or maybe nails lodged in the timber.

    Make certain your dealer removes other bits and all the nails of metal out of the timber you’re purchasing. Additionally, you have to visually inspect all of the wood yourself to ensure it’s ideal for your requirements. In case you see a blue or black discoloration on the timber’s surface area, this may be a sign that there’s some metal type underneath.

  4. Choose recycled timber which hasn’t been painted.

    Choosing wood that’s been painted then sanding the color off is an enormous mistake a lot of people make. This may provide risks as old paint usually have lead along with other harmful chemical substances which can get airborne during the procedure of sanding.
    The color may also seep into the timber and remains there even if the color is removed. Thus, it is better to obtain timber that wasn’t painted.

  5. Allow the timber to get used to the water.

    Just before beginning constructing utilizing reclaimed wood, ensure you wash it effectively and put it inside a room in which you’ll be using it. The moisture contained in the environment is going to cause the timber to crack, twist, and warp. Putting the wood inside the home in advance provides it with the opportunity to warp somewhat and settle before it is fitted. This can help stop the timber from warping, later on, sparing you a lot of problems.

How to Choose the Best Reclaimed Timber