Cannabis – Why Do People Smoke It?

There’s a question that’s commonly asked – why do individuals smoke cannabis?

Globally, marijuana would be the usually used street drug. A 2007 survey discovered that 14.4 million individuals in America solely had smoked cannabis at least one time within the last thirty days.

You will find a number of factors that people take medications and we definitely do not have all of the answers. Nevertheless, you will find several classic psychological benefits that people begin and continue smoking weed that we are able to check out.

Mental reasons

The mental factors for taking medicines may be much like the factors that individuals make purchases, go to certain sites or maybe select a momentary or impulsive course of action at any specific time.

While dopamine transmitters constitute just one % of the human brain they “are wired” in the most crucial components.

Dopamine is often linked to the “reward system”, supplying feelings of reinforcement and enjoyment to encourage an individual to do specific activities.

Dopamine is released and also rewards encounters like meals, sex, along with medications.

The performance of dopamine transmitters is not completely known though it could describe a range of “urges” in human actions. We’ll normally be attracted to any task which offers a reward. It might explain why humans are going to take drugs for an instantaneous incentive when an extended term bad outcome is completely understood.

Medical CannabisHere’s an action flow diagram which might explain the process:

Need for life to alter > Take action > Receive gain > Learn association We are trained to look for foods and are compensated with nourishment and a “dopamine reward” that are then learned so the procedure could be repeated. Medications also can offer us a good experience (the “high”) which in addition to a “dopamine reward” that’s then “learned” and motivates habitual behavior.

This will explain the circular causation that lots of addicts experience. They’re bored (hunger), take medications (nourishment), are compensated, discover the connection, after which the subsequent time the good associations are reinforced so developing a habit.

Thus, we all have dopamine transmitters but just several of us currently take medications. So what are additional factors?

To slip in or peer pressure

Among the strongest psychological elements to describe behavior is known by a selection of expressions like “monkey see, “social proof”, “peer pressure” and monkey do”. This may be referred to as a copying or perhaps mimicking of action we come across around us.

For a number of reasons, we’re trained to do as others all around are doing. Thus, just enough, in case you will find many folks smoking weed around us, we’re prone to follow suit.

This particular pressure to fit in is a far more effective amongst young individuals like all of us know. Nevertheless, taking drugs simply to fit in isn’t the entire picture and should not be known the way. Nevertheless, it might be a contributory factor.

Copying of role model or hero

Yet another good reason why folks smoke weed is allied to the prior stage of copying behavior. People obviously attempt to copy the actions of people who are kept in confidence by a peer group. So copying the drug taking practices of celebrities will be clarified in this manner.


Several of the most crucial role models for many individuals are their parents. Many kids “learn” to consume alcohol from their parents then when the consequences of this particular medication are not appreciated marijuana is able to appear like an appealing option.


In the same way, based on the “stage” and also the person in young adulthood or maybe adolescence, smoking grass is able to seem like a better way of differentiating themselves from their parents.


Life for everybody is stressful at the time. Young folks are especially prone to unexpected bouts of anxiety and smoking dope could be viewed as a short-term release from this tension

Experiment or take risks

people that are Little, men, in particular, are vulnerable to taking greater risks and also to experiment far more than individuals of other ages.


Many religions emphasize the benefits of smoking cannabis to locate yourself spiritually.


Marijuana is known to become a pain reliever for numerous ailments. For young females, it could be especially good in combatting period pains. You can also read about medihuanna and get yourself educated on how it can help you.


And finally, there might be some proof that an inclination to be fans of mind-altering substances might be genetic.

Cannabis – Why Do People Smoke It?